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Today, the voting for the first round of “Give me the iPod” contest closed. The participants submitted 45 models in the two categories “useful” and “fun”. Since one week, ARIS Community members were able to vote for their favourite model. 151 members participated in the voting.

In the “BPM is fun” category, there was a tough competition. At the beginning, it looked like that Rune’s advent calendar will be the winner, but after 7 days of fighting, it fall back to place 3. Still, congratulations to Rune for the third place. After some days, Kristof’s remake of the first level of SUPER Mario was leading the field. However, at the end of the voting, Vladimir’s instructions how to become a genius became very popular, too. Yesterday, both entries had the same number of votes. Fortunately, this changed during the night so that we don’t get into trouble having two winners in this category. Vladimir is now on the second place. Congratulations to him! Finally, the winner in the “BPM is fun” category is Kristof from Belgium. I think he really deserves the price, because it must have taken many hours to come up with such a detailed and extensive model. Congratulations to Kristof!

The competition in the “BPM is useful” category was not as close as in the other category. At the beginning, it looked like that Kris is the clear leader. Kris submitted a reference model for IAF/TOGAF, which consists of 10 related models. However, in the end, Kris was not able to win, but is on the third place. Still, congratulations for this great job! The second place goes to Alexander, who has been a very active ARIS Community member in the past. Alexander submitted an ITIL reference model, showing the different levels of ITIL. Thank you Alexander for sharing this with us! The winner in the “BPM is useful” category is Ranoj from India. He submitted a “corporate procurement process”, which is a nice example in case you want to show someone the value of business process modelling. Congratulations to Ranoj!

So the winners of the two iPod Touch players are:

Again, congratulation to both of them! And thank you to all participants for submitting such great models. We are still very excited to see the many different ideas and use-cases you submitted. This will give us a good starting point to negotiate with our budget dudes for another “Give me the iPod” contest in the future. Till then, don’t stop submitting models, because everyone will benefit from having many good BPM example models available freely on the Internet!