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BPMN 2 is the new and heavily extended version of the popular business process modelling notation by OMG. Most major and minor vendors in the BPM space committed to support this standard, so does IDS Scheer. Some weeks ago, we updated our professional products and added BPMN 2 support. Today, we make BPMN 2 modelling available to everyone with the release of ARIS Express 2.0.

The new version of ARIS Express (you can find upgrade instructions here) supports modelling collaborative process models using swimlanes. This collaboration diagram is the most commonly used BPMN model type. Besides modelling a process between different parties, you can also use it to model your own private process as shown in the example process attached to this post.

As before, you can also share your ARIS Express BPMN 2 model with other users of ARIS Community by uploading it to the site. There is another article describing in detail how to upload your ARIS Express model to ARIS Community.

We hope the release of ARIS Express 2.0 will speed-up BPMN 2 adoption in industry. We are eager to know if you are using BPMN already or if you are interested to start using it in the future. Do you speak BPMN 2 already?

preview of Do you speak BPMN 2? ARIS Express does! (ARIS BPM Blog)

open leaking.adf (61KB) with ARIS Express

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