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Some weeks ago, we released a new service release of our ARIS Platform products. Service release sounds like just fixing some bugs. Well, in this case the new release contains many new and important features. In fact, there are so many enhancements that we could have also released a new major version.

Sometimes, it is a little bit tricky to find out what’s new. You might discover new functionality just by accident or you will never get aware of it. To overcome this problem, we start today with a little series of articles – “Features en detail”. All articles are written by our leading development experts of the respective ARIS components.

Here, in this post I will just collect the links to the published articles. We won’t post the articles to the blog, because people might not be interested in. Instead, the articles are posted to ARIS Support group within ARIS Community. You can subscribe to the feed of this group or visit this post from time-to-time to get updated on the latest features.

Here is a list of features, which my colleagues will discuss in the coming weeks here in ARIS Community:

As you can see, there are many new cool features in the latest ARIS release. If you haven’t done so, you should upgrade now!

Another article describes the most important terms used in the articles above like explorer, designer, module, symbol bar, etc.