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It seems more and more people are discovering ARIS Community as a platform to get in contact with future employees. I think this is really great, because it shows that there are many creative and knowledgeable people around on ARIS Community!

We as management team of ARIS Community also got an open position. We are looking for a student supporting us in the technical development of the community. The position is available in Berlin, Germany. Still, we post this here in English, because the student is expected to have good English skills, too.

An ideal candidate has a strong background in software engineering and web design, for example by running his own websites or studying computer science or similar subjects. In fact, we expect that a candidate has used a PHP-based content management system such as Drupal before and knows typical web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, AJAX, etc. Also, the candidate should know about current Web 2.0 technologies such as blogs, feeds, social networks, wikis, forums, etc. Detailed requirements can be found in the official job listing on the IDS Scheer job page.

If you want to apply, please use the official job page so that your application gets routed to the correct persons. Also, if you know someone with the necessary skills from Berlin area, please forward the job listing or this post!