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ProcessWorld 2010 live bloggingThis is my final presentation review for ProcessWorld. You picked the presentation "ARIS PPM: Analysis of tool-supported processes SLAs" by Dr. Wohlrab of Deutsche Post DHL. As I already covered a presentation by DHL before, no further details on the company are included.

It was their goal to make service level fulfilment tracking feasible for existing workforce. Here, employees should be guided by SLAs to the problem spots. However, just looking at a SLA is not enough. Instead, the complete process must be analysed in order to identify the causing problems of SLA deviations.

Dr. Wohlrab of Deutsche Post DHL at ProcessWorld 2010 in BerlinToday, they got 11 dashboards with 332 traffic lights based on ARIS PPM. This extensive usage of ARIS PPM in particular and BI in general taught them many important lessons. For example, the meaning of colours used in traffic lights must be clearly defined. Of course green means everything is ok, yellow means action required and red urgent action required.

They extended ARIS PPM so that the history of a KPI values is always available. This is required by a compliance framework they have to implement. I think it is also interesting information for daily usage to see how a KPI changed over time.

Sometimes, such projects face problems, which usually would not think off in advance. For example, for them it has been challenging to have the same version of the Java runtime environment installed on all PCs able to access ARIS PPM.

One of their ideas was to give process analysts the chance to assess the performance of a process on a glance. Therefore, traffic lights are now included directly in the process models.

Dr. Wohlrab estimates the cost to connect a system to a BI solution to about 60,000-100,000 Euro per system. Due to the involved costs, they are not able to incorporate all their systems in their dashboards, but instead they need to focus on the most important ones.

They are also evaluating possibilities to reduce costs, e.g. by putting up standards how data must be provided to Deutsche Post DHL by external providers. Another idea is to use a central data keeping system, which is accessed by ARIS PPM. Basically they try to standardise their data models to lower the costs of analysing the data. They are currently doing that for ticketing and they defined their own generic ticket model. Now, they can execute queries crossing the boundaries of ticket systems, because all ticket systems provide the same interfaces. Today, they can include a new ticket system KPI in their dashboards without any need to customize ARIS PPM due to the standardisation done before.

While attending the talk, I get the feeling that what Dr. Wohlrab presents, is probably one of the most advanced usages of ARIS PPM. For example, they directly link their SLAs to juridical texts governing the requirements measured. It is really a great pleasure that such experts like Dr. Wohlrab share their year long experience.

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