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From time to time we receive emails from companies asking if they are (really) allowed to use ARIS Express for commercial projects. It seems they are surprised to receive such comprehensive software free of charge. Let’s take a closer look at the answer to this question.

If you install ARIS Express, you are asked to confirm the license agreement. This agreement doesn’t distinguish between private or commercial use of ARIS Express, so it applies to both cases. Of course this license agreement contains a lot of legal verbiage, but in the end it boils done to few constraints:

  1. Each user must register his copy of ARIS Express at ARIS Community. Registration is free of charge.
  2. You are not allowed to sell ARIS Express.

The first point is a bit more complicated. Consider you are a university and want to provide ARIS Express to all your students. It is not allowed that you install ARIS Express for them and use a single ARIS Community account to register the installations. Instead, you can install it for them but during first startup each student must register his version using his own ARIS Community account. So it is totally fine to use ARIS Express in your university course or your BPM project as long as every member using the software registers his copy using his own ARIS Community account. If you stick to this rule, ARIS Express is free of charge for commercial projects, too.

The second point is straight-forward. ARIS Express is free of charge, so don’t take money for it. For example, you can give the installation file of ARIS Express to someone else, but don’t charge for it. If you want to put the installation file of ARIS Express on a commercial download server or a shareware collection, please contact us first to get our permission.

So, yes you can use ARIS Express in commercial projects, too! If you have additional questions about usage terms of ARIS Express, don’t hesitate to ask by posting your questions in the comments below.

Important note: In this post I try to explain the most important rules of the license agreement of ARIS Express. Still, my post is not legally binding, but instead you must comply with the license agreement shown during ARIS Express installation.

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