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Before we go to the next session, I want to share a picture of the conference location. Berlin has many nice places, but I think this part at the Spree river is especially lovely. In the back, you can see the ABION hotel, where we are located.

ABION hotel at Spree Bogen Berlin

Now, Dr. Katrina Simon is giving an update on the Model-2-Execute capabilities. She points out that this is not a specific product, but instead a capability of the whole Software AG product stack to integrate nicely so that you can go from business process modeling to process execution. The most important products are the ARIS Platform tools and the webMethods suite.

Model-2-Execute capabilities implement the dream of what generations of workflow and BPM experts were aiming at: Executing business process models!

While Katrina describes the various parts of the tool chain, she emphasizes that Model-2-Execute isn’t just a matter of using the right tools, but it must be supported with a matching organization. For example, it might be useful to create multi-department teams so that everyone is involved from the very beginning basically bringing closer together what has too long been separated in companies: business and IT. I think it is important that she stresses this point as too many vendors try to create the impression that their tool can do the magic. So beware next time when you hear such statements.

Dr. Katrina Simon presenting Model-2-Execute capability

The Model-2-Execute capability is based on a transformation of EPC to BPMN 2 models. Again, Katrina openly stresses that such a transformation is just a help, but that you will need to manually refine the BPMN models before you can execute them. Also, business services can be synchronized with technical service implementations using the integration between ARIS Platform and CentraSite. Therefore, business process automation also requires service management, because without services processes won’t run.

Of course for Software AG it is easy to provide such an integrated solution as Software AG has all the tools needed in its product portfolio. But as mentioned in the morning by Eric, the process modeled in ARIS can also be executed on other platforms if needed.

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