Dear all,

I hope you can help me finding the answers to the following questions:

Up to now, I'm not familiar with ARIS for NetWeaver or SAP Solution Manager but I already worked a lot with ARIS and SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.2 (this product also includes SAP BPM). ARIS is a tool which offers a modelling environment for business users, SAP NW CE 7.2 offers the entire stack from modelling to executing processes.

Could you please inform me about ARIS for NetWeaver? I'm especially interested if there's already a NetWeaver interface which allows to import processes that have been defined in ARIS. If yes, does this interface also allow to import processes to NetWeaver CE?

As far as I know there's already an interface from ARIS to SAP Solution Manager. Can I import processes to Solution Manager and transfer them into NetWeaver CE?

If there shouldn't be any suitable solution I would be very much interested in the congruous roadmap of ARIS and SAP. Are there any plans regarding these point?s When will these functions be implemented?

A lot of questions Wink

Thanks in advance