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this week Marie announced the availability of MashZone 2.2 as well as MashZone Viewer which enables you to consume MashApps on your iPad.
Let me explain a little bit how this actually works.

This picture illustrates the way MashZone works. As you probably know it is client server based, to use MashZone you utilize your browser and connect to your (remote) MashZone installation. No software to install on the client machine as the web pages and the Adobe Flex based UI is loaded at run-time over the network. MashZone 2.2 does not change this at all!

MashZone 2.2 and MashZone Viewer introduce slight changes to this picture:

Extending our existing architecture we've added another client, i.e. MashZone Viewer. In contrast to the existing product you need to install this all new native iOS application via the App Store on your iPad. Its free.
To establish connectivity between iPad and your own MashZone 2.2 Enterprise Edition installation just specify address and credentials in MashZone Viewer's connect dialog.

To make it even easier: From an existing MashZone installation send an eMail to your - or your boss' - iPad containing a link to a specific MashApp. How does the link look like? MashZone generates it for you; it starts with mashzone://

After this your MashApp will be displayed on the iPad. Fully interactive, zoomable with multiple tabs and all charts... Charts even update if your data source receives an update. All in real time.

Once authenticated you can even browse or search for other MashApps on the same installation as you know from MashZone Home view.

To summarize this new extension to MashZone:

  1. MashZone Viewer is available on the App Store for free.
  2. MashZone Viewer enables you to view and browse MashApps
  3. MashZone Viewer connects to any MashZone 2.2 Enterprise Edition installation using http(s)
  4. MashZone Viewer is used in parallel to your existing MashZone installation. You can absolutely reuse existing MashApps

Of course there are things to keep in mind as MashZone Viewer cannot:

  • Edit MashApps or data feeds, please do this on your desktop as before
  • Work offline, as our existing product we need to be connected always
  • Display Google Maps in MashApps as license prevented us to port our existing solution