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Software AG South Africa has launched an exclusive platform on this global ARIS community website. This platform, exclusively available for our South African ARIS users, will enable you to continually discover the full benefits of BPA technology.

Why join?

By joining this group you will have unlimited access to insightful information including national and global webinars, new release notifications, articles and best practice case studies. Apart from the knowledge of Software AG’s ARIS experts, you will be able to network and converse with ARIS users across South Africa.

What can you expect?

Inside ARIS South Africa, a complimentary platform for ARIS users, will be updated weekly by Software AG’s South Africa’s ARIS experts. Through this platform, we hope to enlighten and enable you and your organisation to leverage all the advantages ARIS has to offer.

How can I participate?

In addition to the local South African group, you can also join international ARIS communities to gain a global perspective of how BPA is benefitting international companies. Simply click on the Register link of the international community you want to join and complete the registration process.

To ensure you are kept up to date with the latest insights, you can subscribe to Inside ARIS South Africa’s email notifications function, which will alert you when weekly posts are made. After you have registered for the Inside South Africa page, please log in with your details and click on “Get email notifications from group.”

Join the conversation today

You can participate in the conversation by commenting on any of the new posts to have your say and ask questions.


Hope to see you soon!


Software AG South Africa’s ARIS team