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For those of us that have been working with Mashzone building Dashboards from an operational point of view, I would like to share an idea for building MashApps that lives closer to the Process world. As our Processes and their related KPIs blue prints are designed within the ARIS repository, it is usually short lived as System design and actual implementation takes over.

Bring the 2 worlds together again by developing your actual KPIs in Mashzone and related them back to your Process design. 

This can be achieved by converting your process models into Vector maps by custom scripts and then associating KPIs to these function IDs within the vector map that will allow you to monitor process performance measures that can be depicted on the actual process flow, colour coding the actual state of the process.

Please let me know if this is of interest to you in the comments section and we can share some examples.

--Post brought to you by Alfrida Robertson from triVector

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