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At ARIS UserDay and ARIS ProcessWorld I got at the Process-driven SAP booth some questions about the role of ARIS related to SAP Netweaver BPM. In presentations on ProcessWorld and the blog of Eric Brabaender was already mentioned that ARIS can be positioned best as “Business to Model” and SAP Netweaver as “Model to execution”, so complementary products...

A Question that I got at the booth was: “Do you think we can do this in future without ARIS, because models can also be created in future in the SAP Process Composer”. The nice thing is actually that in customer presentations like BMW and Océ Technologies, the answers were given that ARIS is necessary upfront. Océ Technologies presented that in their Globalization program they started with enterprise modelling with ARIS before implementing SAP.

First step was to harmonize their existing end-to-end processes using ARIS Process Selection Diagrams in workshops that led to a reduction of 30% of process variants. The effect was less complexity and more involvement and approval by business owners. Within the ARIS design also the supporting applications (SAP and non-SAP), data and infrastructure were modelled. Based on the relation between these enterprise architectures the impact of to-be decisions and changes could be analyzed easily in ARIS.

This brought business and IT people together in decision making during the project. VP and Program director Jo Bleser of Océ also mentioned in the presentation that BPM Governance was supported by assigning global owners to processes and architectures and defining methods & standards for releasing models. After approval by global owners on all the harmonized process models, the models were synchronized to SAP Solution Manager for further configuration and realization in the program.

Actually this approach of analysis, process harmonization and BPM Governance is the same for setting up an enterprise Service Oriented Architecture using SAP Process Composer. Models that are optimized and approved by the business before implementing in SAP, perform better and more aligned with business needs. The nice thing about ProcessWorld is that people that have these questions can be contacted very easy with other customers that are font of sharing their experiences. No matter if it is at the Exhibition hall, diner table, party or during an exciting Football game. Actually Ann Rosenberg, BC Global Practice Owner for Business Process Management and Senior Strategic Business Process Management Consultant at SAP, has a very clear view on the value of enterprise modelling and tells about it on ARIS TV. So take a look!

On the IDS Scheer website you find more information on BPM and SAP:

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