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At the 25th of June 2009 SAP kicks off SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management in the Netherlands. During this event several speakers introduced SAP BPM. Harald G. Nehring, Platform Marketing SAP NetWeaver, gave an overview of the BPM Market and Thomas Volmering, Lead Product Manager Business Process Management told about the SAP roadmap for Business Process Management. Ron Tolido, Chief Technology Officer of Capgemini presented Enterprise Architecture in relation to SAP NetWeaver BPM and SAP customer Stedin presented the results of their customer case.

At the end of the event SAP, IDS Scheer and NL for Business launched their closed loop showcase for Business to Model and Model to Execution. The session started with a presentation of IDS Scheer about the added value of SAP Enterprise Modeling applications by IDS Scheer. Starting point for this was the pain that a lot of enterprises face right now, that their process documentation is not the same as their implemented Processes, which is not the same as their executed processes. The message was that the best way to realize an optimal alignment is using one methodology based on an integrated solution of ARIS and SAP.

Solution of ARIS and SAP

Processes documentation can be exchanged with the process implementation products like SAP Solution Manager and Enterprise Service Repository. Process execution can be monitored by  Process Performance Manager by IDS Scheer. The developed showcase provides insight in how different roles within the organization can benefit from this solution. The project initiation process is used as example to show the closed loop approach.

In the second part of the session NL for Business presented that the improved process model can be the starting point for process execution in SAP CE. You can see the results by clicking on the 9 minutes video’s on You Tube:

  1. SAP Business To Model - Enterprise Modeling applications by IDS Scheer. Click here to see the showcase part 1:
  2. SAP Model To Execute - NetWeaver Business Process Management (BPM) .Click here to see the showcase part 2:

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