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SAP is focusing on Business Process Management. Processes are leading to simplified business complexity and make it possible to embedd business requirements in the process design. An approved process design is the basis for the Realization phase, from model-to-execution. The supporting BPM Technology is ready for this by SAP NetWeaver BPM and SAP Enterprise Modeling by IDS Scheer (which is ARIS). To have a complete and sufficient Approach in place, a new ASAP Methodology 7 has been released with BPM and ARIS as important part of it.

If you would like to know why an improved ASAP methodology was needed and what BPM accelerators by ARIS are embedded, then please take a look at the webcast of Ann Rosenberg and Sven Roeleven. Ann Rosenberg is the Global Business Process Management Lead and Senior Program Manager for Business Add-ons in SAP Field Service. In the webcast the four following topics are discussed.

  1. SAP BPM Technology

    BPM Technology consists of SAP NetWeaver BPM and SAP Enterprise Modeling by IDS Scheer (ARIS). The positioning of tooling and services are explained by Sven Roeleven.


  2. Welcome to the Exciting and Interesting Real World BPM in an SAP Environment

    ASAP is already known for many years by users and implementation partners. The reason for the need of a new implementation approach is explained by Ann Rosenberg. Four life cycles are now part of the ASAP Methodology with Process Life Cycle Management as one of them.


    The Process Lifecycle is added with a lot of ARIS and BPM accelerators in the different project phases. The Application Lifecycle, Project Lifecycle and Value Lifecycle or all completely supported. This brings also different stakeholders in the project together. Like the process owners, IT and Project managers and top management.In this Chapter Ann Rosenberg gives a Live demonstration of the ASAP Methodology including BPM Technology. After that, Ann positions Business Process Monitoring means within SAP NetWeaver, differentiating between an IT and Business perspective.At the end ASAP Business Add-ons, the business process implementation content, are discussed.

  3. Driving license

    Last Chapter is about “The driving license to work in the Real world BPM in an SAP Environment.” Still, good training and certification is needed to start successful SAP BPM projects in practice. And that’s exactly why some weeks ago the brand new BPM Expert education for Professionals has been started. A blog of Frank Luyckx and a blog of Ann Rosenberg (SDN) already described the content of it.

    IDS Scheer has supported developing BPx Courses and also executes some trainings. The following countries will be trained soon running again as classroom training or virtual remote: Austria, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, South Africa, Belgium, France and Italy. 
    For those that will attend ARIS ProcessWorld in Berlin or Washington it might be good to know that an ASAP Methodology workshop will be done. Ann Rosenberg facilitates the workshop, as the responsible person for the BPM blending SOA approach from a methodology and Business Add-Ons perspective. So if you are at ProcessWorld, don’t miss it.

Summarized: Business Process Management has a great future in an SAP environment. The BPM Technology and Approach are ready, so get trained and participate soon in an SAP improvement project starting with business processes!

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