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IDS Scheer's partner SecondFloor developed this brand new GRC mashup  as a prototype to be reused by all European insurance companies that have to comply to the Solvency II regulation by the end of 2012. The mashup created with ARIS MashZone is a pragmatic dashboard for management to monitor the actual status of the most important Solvency II dimensions across the departments of the company. Since several enterprise roles, such as risk & compliance managers, actuaries and IT are obliged by the Solvency law to monitor the dimension status this dashboard provides  valuable advice how to implement this requirement in practice.

The data is extracted from both ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager and SecondFloor software. SecondFloor is very well positioned in the Gartner Solvency II report, just like ARIS in the Challengers quadrant of Gartner's new  Enterprise GRC analysis. The strong complementary solutions of both companies have already been deployed at insurance companies. As a result of the cooperation, this Solvency II mashup was already analyzed by insurance companies during the Pit stop sessions with SPIRIT in Athens in September, and the mashup turned out to be the best fit for all parties involved. Try it yourself!

Experience yourself how ARIS MashZone provides a central integrated dashboard representing the relevant Solvency II status for management in order to be and stay in control. Of course, a similar dashboard can be used by banks for Basel II and III. In addition, process management and enterprise architecture data can be represented in the same dashboard. Please pay special attention to the ORSA which is located in the third tab of the Solvency II mashup. ORSA stands for Own Risk & Solvency Assessment and brings risk management, economic capital calculations, as well as other requirements together. Many firms are not able to adequately articulate their risk strategy. As a result, they tend to focus on the major "top down" risks and those that are "easy" to quantify. However, ORSA requires all material risks to be quantified despite their level of difficulty. The ORSA results are represented in a nice and comprehensive way in this mashup.

For more examples and a detailed explanation navigate to the MashZone Gallery.

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