Hi All,

We have Production & DR(Disastor Recovery) Servers for ARIS. We Upgraded DR ARIS Publisher from 9.8.0 to 9.8.4 successfully and Desginer was already installed and upgraded to 9.8.4 before publisher upgrade.

But today when I am trying to create a export to my DR ARIS PUBLISHER from DR ARIS DESGINER it is throwing me an arror " Unable to establish connection with Publisher Server "

While I was working on DR Publisher the oracle database server was restarted. The production and DR database servers are in Sync. Thus my production ARIS Publisher also threw the same error when i tried publishing. But After the restart the Production Publisher is working fine, however the DR publisher is still giving the same error. 

Please note that database server are in replication mode, and while using DR we had to put off the replication mode. 

 Please clarify and assist. Thank you all for your time and assistance.