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BPM is fun! – Remember? 

Reaching out to my beautiful BPM-Community of like-minded Process Management Experts: 

Great opportunity for a Senior BPM Consultant in Sydney

A BPM consulting company I know invited me kindly to reach out to my network. They are searching for an outstanding Senior BPM Consultant here in Sydney, Australia. 

If you are interested, please consider and answer the following 10 questions for yourself:

  1. Do I love helping customers improve organisational performance by analysing, improving and managing business processes? 
  2. Do I have a deep understanding of the role of process management in enterprise performance management? 
  3. Am I a qualified professional Senior Consultant looking for a team of knowledgeable, passionate and simply nice fellow consultants? 
  4. Do I know how to set up a BPM Centre of Excellence? 
  5. Do I have a minimum of 7 years of EXPERIENCES, a REAL PASSION and a DEEP UNDERSTANDING of BPM? 
  6. Am I self- motivated? 
  7. Do my outstanding outcomes talk for themselves? 
  8. Do I enjoy working independently alongside of a team of consultants and modellers? 
  9. Am I thriving on helping others to achieve their outcomes?
  10. Am I willing to continuously learn?

Yes, yes and yes? Well, maybe this is then for you. 

In this case, please feel free to reach out to me to get more information. 

I am happy to share what I know and bring you in contact with the right people, because – BPM is FUN!