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One aspect of my company is to develop and implement major IT solutions for airlines such as reservation,  inventory, departure control system, mid-back office etc...  So, we make extensive use of project management tools.  Recently our process mgt group has been sollicited to see if ARIS could provide quick and simple (not dirty) schedule plans, along with process maps...

The platform provides new model types for that.  I was wondering if AE could perhaps also deliver this service.  The simplest way I came across was to build a general diagram with a calendar grid for 2010 and some sort of "milestone date flag".  The calendar can simply be copied over a process landscape model (it contains no objects but only shapes), adjusted ("Quarters" can be removed) and can then host process elements inside the calendar view.  Shapes can be ungrouped or resized.  It works great with a grid of 5. 

For a real example of an airline migration (dates are fictive), download the "Migration.adf".

If you like it, download the "Calendar Tool.adf" which comes as "part 2".

If you think you can enhance the concept, please let me know, we're here to share.

preview of Schedule/Calendar Tool - useful (part 1) (ARIS Express)

open Migration.adf (280KB) with ARIS Express

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