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I have a weird behaviour of the new process interface symbol in Express 2.1 under Windows. 

1) I create a business process with 2.1 and add a process interface symbol

2) I do CTL-A and CTL-C (Select All and Copy) to bring the model in the clipboard as picture

3) I do CTL-V (Paste) into an office document such as a Powerpoint presentation

>>> I see that the process interface symbol contains strange colors. It is not all grey, there is a strange white area (see attached picture).

4) When printing the office document on a color printer, nothing gets out on the printer (although PDF files gets correct colors and print).

I had this behaviour on several printers and for several users (all?), incl. myself.

Another "symptom": I cannot remove the 3D effect on this particular symbol. 

Is it something to do with the object definition?  Can you reproduce? 

Many people use this method to imbed process parts into Office documents.


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