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Welcome to SaphireKicking off the day with Léo's keynote was a good idea: A brand new messaging was brought to the audience: The Clear Enterprise. Clarity is key to success in these times. This also includes sustainability. How can companies reduce their carbon footprint? SAP's wants to reduce it's carbon footprint at 70% till the year 2020. A Sustainability Solution Map should empower the customers to do the same.

I think that optimizing processes esp. in the field of the supply chain and logistics in reduces the footprint and meanwhile the costs. So wouldn't it be consequent talk about Green BPM either?

By the way there was another ''new reality'' in the keynote: Those of you who attended a SAPPHIRE know SAP's master of live demos Ian Kimbell. For the first time in history he passed his role to the CEO as he wanted to demonstrate the ease of use of some new Business Objects solutions by claiming that even a CEO touch it. Guess what: Léo did it and I think that now Ian's job on the demo is on risk if all the new solution will be so easy to handle.

Ann Rosenberg from SAPAfter that we had a great meeting with the one and only Ann Rosenberg from SAP. She has the global practice ownership for BPM within the Business Transformation Consulting and is co-author of ''Business Process Management - the SAP Roadmap''. Just in time before SAPPHIRE we build some joint offerings around BPM and placed them on SAP's EcoHub. This is a marketplace for the whole community and esp. the place for customers where to find the right solution for their projects. Stay tuned to that as the offering is growing day by day.

SaphireIn the afternoon there was a new interpretation of cloud computing by Jim Hagemann Snabe: A thunderstorm hit Orlando and brought heavy rain. Jim referred to that by saying that cloud computing gets to the ground. For me it was really a bad timing as we had an analyst meeting planned in a hotel with 5 minute walking distance to the convention center. There was no chance to get there without drowning. So we asked a taxi driver to bring us the short way and he did without any grumbling. But really astounding was the fact that he didn't even asked for money for the favour. Try to do this with a German cab driver at the airport.

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