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In a clear new world you can see far into the presentI've started today with a really thrilling keynote from Hasso Plattner about ''The power of Speed''. He showed fast as lightning analytic applications and build visions around the new agility once a CEO gets all information in real time. This would increase the quality of decisions tremendously.

In addition he gave a great hint how to accelerate software development in times like these. If you now think about new technologies and frameworks you're totally wrong: The answer is as simple as it could be: Programming would get much faster if you get rid of development meetings! Very interesting was also a presentation around SAP's solution for Enterprise Architecture. The so called SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework (SEAF) is a bundle of methodology, tools and accelerators around an EA. Of course we were very happy that ARIS has his role in the toolbox and is integrated in the stack. Very new for me was that the proprietary term SEAF will vanish and TOGAF 9.1 will be the future framework. SAP rates the new release as complete for their purposes so there's no longer need for their own thing. Standards definitely make sense esp. if you live in a collaborative and fast changing world. For more information check BPX community and our last BPM Blog post about BPX community.

But enough talking business. Tonight everybody is looking forward to the SAP Celebration Night with Don Henley. For those of you who are the Web 2.0 generation, reading blogs and grown up with cell phones I may need to explain that he dominated as a founding member of The Eagles 1970s radio with blockbusters like ''One of these Nights'', ''Desperado'', ''Life in the Fastlane'', and ''Hotel California''. So dress sharp and let's paint the town red!

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