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Unlock the true potential of process mining with our live demo sessions! Join our experts (Monika Leitner, Director: Process Mining CoE and Ayda Toosinezhad, Process Mining Specialist) for a hands-on tour of ARIS Process Mining and experience all the capabilities that help many of our customers achieve operational excellence.  


🔍 Discover: Uncover how your processes run, measure their performance and ensure compliance. 


🔎 Identify: Pinpoint the root causes of process inefficiencies and bottlenecks, paving the way for targeted improvements. 


🔄 Optimize: Apply changes directly to your designed processes, streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency. 


📊 Align: Connect external metrics like customer ratings and reviews to internal process patterns, establishing a solid foundation for continuous improvement. 


But that's not all – we value your curiosity! Stay for our live Q&A session after each demo, where our experts will address your burning process mining questions. Book your preferred demo date and mark your calendar to reserve your spot. 


Don't miss this opportunity to see ARIS Process Mining in action. Book your preferred demo date now and mark your calendar to reserve your spot. 


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