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At Software AG we have known about the importance of the cooperation with Universities for a long time now. Since the IDS Scheer merger, we have managed to combine our University Relations programs and integrate ARIS into several of our previous offerings. For this reason, starting today, the old ARIS Campus website redirects directly to the University Relations website.

So what is it University Relations does?

The graph below shows a possible timeline of a collaboration between a University and Software AG.

Each of the circles represents an independent offering of our program:

Guest Lectures by Software AG professionals all over the world are organized by the University Relations team. All we need to know is where you are and what your area of interest is, and we will do our best to find the perfect speaker for you. More information on Guest Lectures can be found here.


The ARIS Education Package (AEP, formerly "Advanced Education Partnership"), as you can see has been integrated in two variations: Process Design and Analysis (PD&A) as well as Process Intelligence and Performance Management (PPM). AEP is the perfect addition to any course focusing on Business Processes, showing students the practical applications of the theoretical classroom teachings in 90 minute exercise units. For more information, a price listing with academic discounts and a registration form, look here.


The Campus Connect Project Package, also available in two flavors, is a realistic project in which students assume the roles of a consulting firm that was hired by a virtual university. Projects working on the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) project are required to create a new campus management system using a service oriented architecture and Software AG technology to integrate legacy systems, while Business Process Management (BPM) focus more on analysing, modelling and improving the business processes at the university. Campus Connect is free of charge and can be ordered here.


Individual License Packages for universities that would rather design their own projects are available as well at no or very low cost here. And of course we still have the free three months student trial version of ARIS available here.


Company Visits can be organized at Software AG headquarters in Darmstadt or most of our subsidiaries around the world. A popular occasion for a company visit is the completion of one of our projects, giving the students the chance to show off their skill at Software AG technologies, but you don't need a reason to come visit us besides wanting to know more about working at a large Software company. If you would like to schedule a visit, please contact us here.


Interns are welcome at Software AG too. University Relations and many other departments offer great internships in which you learn more about working at a big software company.

Bachelors and Masters Theses can be writen in collaboration with Software AG as well, using our technology to develop or research. For more information on interships or theses, have a look here.


Strategic Partnerships offer various ways to broaden pre-existing collaborations. Universities that have worked with us in multiple collaborations over a longer period of time can be further expanded by supporting Seeding, Research Projects, Start-Ups and Process Excelence Centers. Take advantage of this offer here.


We support all of our offers in our own online community. If you are interested in learning more about Software AGs University Relations program, take a look at our homepage and our factsheet, available in multiple languages, or simply ask here.

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