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BPMN is a global standard for modeling business processes. It is used by both business and IT to document processes but also to bring them to execution (process automation). BPMN 2.0 also consists of a XML-based standard exchange format to ensure an easy transport of BPMN models between tools with different scopes - i. e. business modeling leads technical implementation and back.

Sponsored by the OMG, the purpose of the BPMN Model Interchange Working Group (MIWG) is to support, facilitate, and promote the interchange of BPMN Models. One important task is to reach a common agreement on interpretations of the BPMN standard to ensure better interchange. With that background, they established a test suite to validate existing tools against that agreements. ARIS is one of only three tools that successfully submitted all models of the three different result groups, while strong capabilities for importing, exporting and roundtripping could be proved (

Next to that, ARIS participated in the this years OMG MIWG Live Interoperability Demo, which took place last night in Seattle. The demo focused on the smooth exchange of BPMN process diagrams between different tools. All in all, both, the demo and central evaluation underlines the strong capabilities of ARIS regarding the support of open standards from the OMG. As an early adopter, ARIS was also one the first tools, which supported the brand new DMN version 1.2 (beta) to ensure an integrated process and decision modeling with the corresponding exchange possibilities.

MIWG BPMN Live Interoperability Demo

We were very happy to be part of that great demo and look forward to a continuation next year.

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