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DELL just talked about their journey of the last 16 month, starting with their very first steps with ARIS. They are sure, that a digital process enablement can double the revenue upside from product investment when fully realized. And DELL underlined this with an ambitious path they have in mind:

  1. Digitization: Transitioning from analog to digital, especially in terms of modeling, simulation and change control.
  2. Digitilization: Making digitizid information work for everybody by leveraging RPA synergies and Process Analytics.
  3. Digital Transformation: Taking advantage of digitalization to create completely new business concepts using intelligent BPM with Process Mining & Discovery.

Doing so, they follow a tight and really impressive journey. This is what they did in only the last 16 month:
Phase 1 (2 months): POC Use cases (with 20 processes and 10 practitioners), finally led to ARIS selection
Phase 2 (4 months): Ramp up the operating model with boot camps (140 processes, 80 practitioners)
Phase 3 (5 months): Establish a Governance structure and optimization approach (300 processes, 110 practitioners))
Phase 4 (4+ months): Reach a BPM based process landscape with ongoing monitoring and optimization (500+, 160+ practitioners)

Thanks DELL for sharing this at the IUG19 audience in Riga. This is a perfect example how to unleash the full potential of ARIS in short time! But that's not all, if I had a look at their plans for the next quarters! RPA, Intelligent BPM & Process Mining to mention only a few topics.

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