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How the right building blocks make the difference

RPA is not only a market that has been growing strongly for years, but also a technological approach that enables companies to quickly digitize their business processes. Nevertheless, companies reach their limits when it comes to scaling with RPA, managing the robot-supported process landscape and ensuring the support and acceptance of management and employees. This article explains the current trend of a horizontal integration of RPA with process mining, task mining and business process management and shows how this is manifested as a change in the market as well as in practical customer projects. The result is a holistic view of RPA, in which all phases of successful automation projects are technically supported.

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The key points of the article are:

  1. The status quo of RPA
  2. How the RPA industry shift in 2020+
  3. Comprehensive RPA with "ARIS process-driven RPA powered by Kryon"
  4. RPA Use Case Discovery – A symbiosis of Task Mining and Process Mining
  5. Customer evidences

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Tags: ARIS BPMN Business Process Management Process Mining RPA