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Hello community,

I am using ARIS Aware to adapt the COE use case to a particular ARIS Database. I have come across a blocking point and can't find how to solve this. The use case is very good and nice but most of the time we do not use the standard attributes. ie: in this DB, process responsible attribute is not used but another customized attribute (Global Process Owner), same with model status

Software AG has introduced a great way to adapt this use case quite simply using the Edit report parameters on the COE - Aggregated maturity script. Now you can create your own set of parameters for this use case.

For some reason, when trying to find a customized attribute for the model status, I cannot find it.

I am wondering if anyone has successfully changed some of those parameters with own customized attributes or how can I update the list of elements in the drop down menu?

Any help appreciated,

Thanks you and good week end