I created a process by using the process landscape "setting"

I linked one of the processes with an already existing EPK (closed at that time)

I executed the link by marking up the process an pushing the F7 button

Aris Express starts once again with the choosen EPK



JAVA Console protocoll below


Java Web Start 1.6.0_14
Verwendung der JRE-Version 1.6.0_14-b08 Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM
Home-Verzeichnis des Benutzers = C:\Documents and Settings\pichlmeier
c:   Konsole löschen
f:   Objekte in Finalisierungswarteschlange finalisieren
g:   Speicherbereinigung
h:   Diese Hilfemeldung anzeigen
m:   Speicherbelegung anzeigen
o:   Protokollierung auslösen
p:   Proxy-Konfiguration neu laden
q:   Konsole ausblenden
r:   Richtlinien-Konfiguration neu laden
s:   System- und Bereitstellungseigenschaften ausgeben
t:   Threadliste ausgeben
v:   Thread-Stack ausgeben
0-5: Trace-Stufe auf <n> setzen
server running at port: 1693
server running at port: 1693
30.07.2009 15:37:47 com.idsscheer.aris.common.ADebug println
INFO: [config] creating plugin.cfg from jar file
30.07.2009 15:37:48 com.idsscheer.aris.common.ADebug println
INFO: [config] creating arisclient.cfg from jar file
2009-07-30T15:37:49,215 INFO - *---------------------------------
2009-07-30T15:37:49,215 INFO - *
2009-07-30T15:37:49,465 INFO - *   Starting Client 1.0 (Beta 1)...
2009-07-30T15:37:49,465 INFO - *   Thu Jul 30 15:37:49 CEST 2009
2009-07-30T15:37:49,465 INFO - *
2009-07-30T15:37:49,465 INFO - *---------------------------------
2009-07-30T15:37:49,465 INFO -
2009-07-30T15:37:49,465 INFO - Java version: 1.6.0_14
2009-07-30T15:37:49,465 INFO - Total available memory (MB): 508.0625
2009-07-30T15:37:49,465 INFO - Operating System: Windows XP
2009-07-30T15:37:49,465 INFO - Operating System Version: 5.1
2009-07-30T15:37:49,465 INFO - Operating System Archtecture: x86
2009-07-30T15:37:49,465 INFO - User configuration directory: C:\Documents and Settings\pichlmeier\ARISExpress
2009-07-30T15:37:49,465 INFO - Local directory: C:\Documents and Settings\pichlmeier\ARISExpress
2009-07-30T15:37:49,465 INFO - Remote directory: http://download.ariscommunity.com/
2009-07-30T15:37:49,465 INFO - [focus] starting manager...
2009-07-30T15:37:49,512 INFO - [container] extracting DLL files from jar
2009-07-30T15:37:57,496 INFO - [container] initializing manager components ...
2009-07-30T15:37:59,465 ARIS Business Layer
2009-07-30T15:37:59,465 (c) 2009 IDS Scheer AG
2009-07-30T15:37:59,465 [ ARIS Business Layer Startup process ]
2009-07-30T15:37:59,652 Started profile Private@16071
2009-07-30T15:37:59,652 Started profile Public@16070
2009-07-30T15:37:59,965 Starting ARIS Lockservice 1.0 (Beta 1)(Private)
2009-07-30T15:38:06,558 - using mapping 'com.idsscheer.dl.mapimpl.hsqldb.AMapping'
2009-07-30T15:38:08,840 - Install catalog schema objects.
2009-07-30T15:38:08,887 - using JDBC driver 'org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver'
2009-07-30T15:38:09,324 Starting ARIS Server Dispatcher 1.0 (Beta 1)(Public)
2009-07-30T15:38:09,355 - registered at corbaloc::
2009-07-30T15:38:09,355 - blmanager registration at corbaloc::
2009-07-30T15:38:09,496 Starting ARIS License Service 1.0 (Beta 1)(Private)
2009-07-30T15:38:09,715  - Maximum numbers of allowed users: 100
2009-07-30T15:38:09,730 - registered at corbaloc::
2009-07-30T15:38:10,340 Starting ARIS Property Service 1.0 (Beta 1)(Private)
2009-07-30T15:38:10,340 - registered at corbaloc::
2009-07-30T15:38:10,605 Starting ARIS Script Service 1.0 (Beta 1)(Private)
2009-07-30T15:38:10,605 - using path: C:\Documents and Settings\pichlmeier\ARISExpress\server/templates/
2009-07-30T15:38:10,808 - registered at corbaloc::
2009-07-30T15:38:11,230 Starting ARIS Configservice 1.0 (Beta 1)(Private)
2009-07-30T15:38:11,668 - using path: C:\Documents and Settings\pichlmeier\ARISExpress\server/sysconfig
2009-07-30T15:38:25,480 - registered at corbaloc::
2009-07-30T15:38:25,637 Starting ARIS Business Layer Components 1.0 (Beta 1)(Public)
2009-07-30T15:38:26,27 - loaded component WEBREPORT
2009-07-30T15:38:26,105 - loaded component XMLEXPORT
2009-07-30T15:38:26,262 - loaded component WEBDESIGNER
2009-07-30T15:38:26,762 - loaded component WEBUSERADMINISTRATOR
2009-07-30T15:38:26,949 - loaded component SERVERADMIN
2009-07-30T15:38:26,996 - loaded component WEBADMINISTRATOR
2009-07-30T15:38:27,27 - loaded component WEBEXPLORER
2009-07-30T15:38:27,74 - loaded component GRAPHICSPROVIDER
2009-07-30T15:38:27,152 - loaded component METHOD
2009-07-30T15:38:27,371 - loaded component CONFIGSERVICE
2009-07-30T15:38:27,512 - using local lockservice
2009-07-30T15:38:27,574 - using site name ArisServer
2009-07-30T15:38:27,574 - using database URL jdbc:hsqldb:mem:dl
2009-07-30T15:38:27,699 Finish initialization...
2009-07-30T15:38:27,699 [ ARIS Business Layer is running ]



If a EPK is linked with another EPK and this link is getting executed just another (new) tab will be


best regard