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We recently upgraded to ARIS 9.7 from 7.2 and it seems that there is no end to our problems. The most recent and most baffling one is the curious case of the Visio Import (which BTW worked great in 7.2). Our business stakeholders use the EPC template in Visio to document process flows and save the file as a Visio XML (.vdx). This is then imported into ARIS using the Visio Import feature where it recognizes the .vdx file and creates a model. This worked like a charm in 7.2 and it created an EPC model for us.

After the upgrade to 9.7, the import feature seems to have a mind of its own. We are using the same .VDX files in EPC template. But, when it does the import, for some strange reason, ARIS 9.7 converts them into the model type - BPMN Collaboration Diagram (2.0) and obviously it garbles up the whole thing. I have even tried to then convert the imported BPMN to EPC format, but the resulting model is nowhere close to what it originally was in VISIO (obviously). I have looked into the administrative options looking for a configuration which specifies the default IMPORT model type, but to no avail. There seems to be nowhere that I can specify what model type should be used for imports. Has anyone else come across this? Is there a way to specify the model type while importing visio files? Please help.

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