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Hi - We just implemented ARIS Business Architect so everyone in our organization is new to ARIS.  Before ARIS, we used to create flows in visio (BPF - Business process flows) and maintain a narrative document (BPN - Business process narrative) separately for each flow (BPF).  I have been looking around to find a way to maintain our BPNs in ARIS (not through hyperlink) and after some research came up with the following options:

  • Option 1: For each process step in the EPC flow, we can use Description/Definition attribute to enter the text for that step/symbol in EPC and then run a report that would give all the functions/events names with the value in description/definition attribute but seems like there is no good report available that gives only this information.  I did try to create a draft report script but didnt work as this was the first time I was doing it.  Can you please provide some guidance (or perhaps send me a link/document) on how to create a report script to meet this requirement.  We don't want to display other attributes just the name of the EPC, name of the function/event, description/definition, and transaction code (for SAP functions).
  • Option 2:  Another option could be to use Document Management System (DMS) but not sure if it can be used to upload the word documents (narrative/BPN) in ARIS.  If it can be used as document repository then I would like to know the pre-requisites to get DMS.

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Vikas Vyas

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