Hello Everyone,

I am trying to find a connection type between two types of objects, but I cannot find anything that works.
I need to connect object of type KPI Instance and Standard. I need this to occur within a Function allocation diagram (FAD) model.
I am not sure if these notations are part of the standard ARIS nomenclature, but regardless, I need to understand how to customise a connection. Is it even possible, or I am limited to the ones that are already in ARIS?
The reason is that I need to have some sort of relation between KPI Instance and Standard in an FAD. I need to create an ARIS report that would export this kind of relation. There could be one to many connection or one to one (one KPI instance to many Standards, or one KPI instance to one Standard).
I tried looking for a suitable type of connection in the list of the available connection types in the administration panel, but there so many types, and I don't think clicking on each connection type and checking its properties is feasible.
I am using ARIS 9.8.

I'd appreciate it, if any of you could share more knowledge on the topic. Thanks!