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Hello Community,

Based on another thread I created a simple but powerful report to list unassigned models. I am pleased to share it now with you officially!

Assuming you run it against a small database with some unassigned models in it, the result could look like this, identifying 4 models not assigned yet.

Initially it was our idea to create it only with the reporting wizard. But because we list only unassigned models, we have to filter in a way which seams to be not supported by the wizard yet.

In addition you get some statistical information in a second Excel sheet. This shows the number of models per model type in your selected database and group.


How to Install

You will get a zipped arx file, which needs to be installed into your ARIS environment, section Administration > Evaluations > Reports (Please unzip it first.). Create a custom reporting category - if not yet done - and load it into that.

Please download from the attachment link below ...

How to start

Please start this report from a group:

Planned Improvements

There are already ideas how to improve the report like additional model type limitations. But this depends mainly on your feedback.


Please let me know any experience or particular feedback. I would be pleased to guide you in case you need assistance.

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