Hi All,

How do I implement versioning in ARIS 9 using scripting.

I used the following to add a new version, after a model has been updated in a merged database, but I get an error when the version part is done.

My code:

    var compVersioning = Context.getComponent("Versioning");

    var relID = "Version " + rID
    var compVersioningOptions = compVersioning.createOptions();
    var result = compVersioning.archive(model, relID, compVersioningOptions, true);

The rest of actually comparing dates/changes, and the actual merge works great, but when the version is added, I get the following error:

"Can't find method com.aris.modeling.server.bl.components.versioning.AversioningScriptInterface.archive(com.aris.modeling.server.number.com.aris.modeling.server.bl.components.versioning.AversioningScriptInterface$AmyVersioningOpti....

I suggested using an attribute for the versioning, but I'm not sure how this will work when comparing models.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.