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After having used Aris Express for several years, I downloaded Aris IT Architect as a new faculty member, and studied some of the documentation. I am really impressed by the overwhelming lot of possible models which are presented in the documentation.

To try my first own model I looked for the Screen navigation model, in connection with a small computer program I am writing.

I find this in the pdf--documentaion, and in IT Architect under Administration > Configuration > Method > Model types.

But when I create a new model this model is, in the wizard, not available in the list of model types in any of the five views, and I am not able to create it.

So I am confused: how do I get this model type from the list of types to the list of available models in the wizard?

I have tried to find an answer in the documentation, but did not find a right way to achieve this. Is there something wrong with a filter? Is it just not available in the university-download?

Could someone please guide me to the right information, or tell me what to do?

Thank you very much! Walter.




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