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Good day everyone.

The terms of ARIS Express use have the following:

Am I allowed to give someone else my ARIS Community account information so that the person can register ARIS Express?

An ARIS Community account belongs to a single person. It is not allowed to share your account details with anyone else. See the ARIS Community Guidelines and the Terms of Use for the legal requirements. Therefore, every ARIS Express user must have an own ARIS Community account.

Is there any way we can use ARIS Express inside the corporate environment?

The reason why people use VISION in our corporation has nothing to do with the product feature of ARIS and VISIO. 

We have ARIS to do diagrams and modeling, but VISIO still in wide use.

I looked to the reasons why they use it and found, that it is mostly convenience of use:

  1. Saving of the individual data.
    People save, search and retrieve their INDIVIDUAL DATA from personal folders.
  2. Isolated type of the diagram
    Some diagrams are just a diagram and have nothing from the shared library and doesn’t represent a process.
  3. Doesn’t require ARIS access rights – just start and use the software
  4. Doesn’t require official training to use software and make a model.
  5. Doesn’t require knowledge of methodology (where to store models)
  6. Can attach results and send them anybody

ARIS Express has the same usage profile as VISIO but has many benefits for the users and for the whole organisation.

The only problem we see so far is terms of use of ARIS Express when every user should have account.

Is there a solution for that?