Hi there,

I'm doing some offline development on a test box, and then Exporting/Importing the mashapps across to the production environment. Every now and then, mostly with 1 or 2 specific mashapps, I get an error when trying to import my mashapp onto the production box. It happily imports all the new/modified DataFeeds, but the mashapp itself fails with the error "Import of MashApp Failed".

I managed to overcome this once, by doing a "Save As" of the mashapp on my dev box and then importing the "new" mashapp onto my production box. Admittedly it gets a new GUID, but that's the least of my worries. This "solution" has however only worked once - and I'm now struggling with the same issue over again. 

My only current resolution is to redo everything on my production box manually, once I've finished testing on my dev box. *NOT* ideal... :(

It does bear mentioning that my dev box is running MZone 9.7, and my production box is still on MZone 2.3 - I get that this may be a significant factor, however it literally is only with 2 of my mashapps that I have this problem, and theyhave nothing fancy/different about them that my other mashapps don't have.

Any advice welcome :)