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Long-term business success is all about the ability to respond quickly to changing market conditions. In a growing market, it is important to respond by investing in innovative new products, sales channels, and marketing strategies. Organizations operating in a tough economic environment, on the other hand, need to focus on optimizing costs, timescales, and product resources in order to boost efficiency.

Identifying cost drivers and analyzing consolidation potential is a huge challenge for many companies. They shut down or merge business units in a bid to reduce costs and increase efficiency, but frequently underestimate the impact of such changes on the ability of the organization to add value and achieve success. If such changes lead to a loss of business performance, with commercial targets being missed, then the company is adversely affected—and the investments have failed to deliver sustained benefits.

But the story is completely different when change management is based on holistic business process management because this enables corporate decision makers to analyze workflows and establish their individual priority and contribution to business performance. Before making restructuring decisions, executives can quickly identify the impact of changes on specific business processes, thereby ensuring that the company remains productive throughout every phase of the realignment process. While competitors are spending valuable time getting their mission-critical workflows up and running again, process-oriented companies can devote the same time to honing their competitive edge and efficiency.

The majority of process-oriented organizations build on ARIS, the market-leading software for business process management and business performance. Take Air France, for example: The company maintains a high degree of customer satisfaction through ongoing business process analysis and optimization. “Delivering customer service requires careful attention to processes: they need to be analyzed, modelled, and properly managed … so IDS Scheer really is a preferred partner when it comes to developing our business,” says Pierre Girault, Vice President of Air France.

Airfreight specialist cargolux has also improved its business performance: “ARIS enabled us to conduct a process analysis, pinpoint weaknesses in individual processes, and identify the potential cost benefits of taking corrective action,” says Henrik Ambak, head of IT. That statement is fully endorsed by Mike Stone, who is responsible for corporate controlling. In the above example, total project costs made up less than 20% of the identified potential savings.

ARIS Business Performance Edition brings together all the new and enhanced ARIS products due for release by IDS Scheer in the current year. Established products featuring new functionalities will be joined by entirely new ARIS product releases that have been specifically designed to optimally address the challenges described above. Each of these products offers powerful functionalities to help organizations improve their efficiency and thereby boost their overall performance.

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