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This IT concept showcase addressing the Aris Community to provide a showcase how Aris Express can be used for documenting and planing IT applications. So, the purpose is to give an idea how the Aris Express build in methods and models can be used for real live projects.

The author mentions explicitly that the showcase is a real live IT project named jointherace.net. The web application jointherace.net provides regatta (sailing) managers a professional plattform offering information (e.g. geodata) about sailing races and als the possibility for online registration.

Jointherace.net is a no commercial project driven and developed by the author (Walter Mattes) in his spare time. The application is based on industrial standards and good practice approaches with security as focal point.

By the way, if you are a sailor an into race sailing you are welcome to join the race @ jointherace.net. Please visit: http://jointherace.net (!!!!!!)

The red line of the showcase and also the concept documentation is the evolutionary development process from a green field to a well planned and documented application. In detail this document will show the transition from a

  1. “business” processes to a
  2. process application map / clusters to a
  3. data model to
  4. architecture views to
  5. technology landscape

The hole concept will be published as pdf at the end of the series.

Please follow the 5-step series and feel free to give comments. Questions and remarks are highly appreciated (as well as the iPod ;-) ) and will be answered ASAP. 

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open red line_0.adf (202KB) with ARIS Express