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In this step we define our domain model which is the basement for the later database design or object model. Aris Express method: "Data Model".

The showcase is no detailed and not complete. It's more the example of how to model and display it. If you are working in a big team you "might" need to model this very detailed up to the last attribute... In my case this is not necessary because the domains are documented in application a well (due to some XML configuration...)

This is maybe a tricky and even philosophical discussion how deep we should go in detail. UML Tools are maybe the better choice giving you the oppertunity to generate sourcecode later...

For the showcase I'll stay with the idea of documenting "mile wide and inch deep" - therefore Aris Express and the build in method "Data Model" is sufficient.

<< step 2 || step 4 >>

preview of showcase for a full stack IT concept in 5 steps - define the data/domain model (step 3) ()

open domain_model.adf (102KB) with ARIS Express