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This model (system landscape) zooms in on the application layers and indicates which components are settled in one layer. This view explains the interaction between the components.

This step explains the application architecture using a system landscape diagram and probably additional text explanations:

  • Description of the layers and components of the application and their interaction
  • Additional text description of the interaction of the components, if necessary, a sequence diagram for the most important sequences (not with Aris Express :-( )
  • Where appropriate, inclusion of the interfaces implemented by the components and the used interfaces if it is necessary for understanding the architecture on this level
  • The allowed access between the layers

This model is the result of our previous steps!!! The 2 modules (frontend and backend application are the result of our process landscape and the process application map. The singel comonent within the modules or the libaries are based on our data/domain model.

So, never forget to look back to learn from your previous steps - ohwise they are not worth the effort...

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preview of showcase for a full stack IT concept in 5 steps - application architecture (step 4b) (ARIS Express)
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