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Now, after showcase for the development of an IT concept it's time to show back and do some review activities...

I try to give my picture following to the 5 steps (the process ;-)). Please keep in mind that the IT concept has alway two parts modells and text. So the result of the 5-step-process is not a maximum of "isolated" modells! The result is a document with a mixture of modells and explaining text. 

  1. “business” processes
    Aris Express offers perfect support as long as you need no further functionalities like reports or reusage of objects. So if you end p in an office document and not in a parent process modell you'll be ok.
  2. process application map / clusters
    The same as above. Clustering topics can be very effective done with the modell typesystem landscape.
  3. data / domain / object model
    As long as you use NO UML tool ArisExpress is ok. If you are using an UML tool also you might do the same work twice (in UML and Aris). Keep also in mind that it is not possible to generate source code with Aris Express. If you just use Aris Express keep the modells superficial and enrich them with plain text. Detailed information: Source Code
  4. architecture views
    like 1.). You won't be able to do EAM with Aris Express but for a big picture in an IT project n it woks perfect.
  5. technology landscape
    like 4.)

Aris Express is a useful and useable tool for the purpose of an IT concept (and further more...) . The borderline to Aris Pro is the reuseage of objects and reporting (eg. for EAM needs). The borderline to software engineering tools is the requirement of source code generation and round trip engineering. As long as your context are single projects Aris will support you nicely (and free of charge;-)).

Please feel free to comment my work and contact me via the comunity or my webpage.

<< step 5


preview of showcase for a full stack IT concept in 5 steps - review (usability Aris Express) (ARIS Express)

open red line.adf (202KB) with ARIS Express

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