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When using the reports wizard in the Administration application for ARIS Cloud Advanced, we are finding it difficult to determine which model attributes are displayable for each model.  Although the attribute can be easily added to the report, many do not display when the report is executed.  Is there a good tutorial on using the report wizard in the Administration application?  What little report help that I have found is minimal.

Also, is there a reference manual for the report scripting language?  If available, a detailed manual or web site that describes the differences between the Report Wizard and Report Scripting would be very helpful.  It would also be helpful to know how to edit the standard reports (i.e., Create Process Manual) other than making minor changes to the report scripts (e.g., changing some of the remaining German labels to English).

A detailed reference manual on creating reports would be very helpful.

- Mike W.

Tags: ARIS Advanced