Every contest needs some rules to make up for a fair competition. The rules for the "Give me the iPod" contest within ARIS Community are very simple:

  1. Create an ARIS Express model, which is either a useful model or a funny one. It is up to you to decide what might be considered as “useful” or “funny”. But please keep in mind the following points:

    • Do not copy someone else’s work.
    • Respect the ARIS Community Guidelines (e.g. respect copyright and do not insult other people).
  2. Submit your model till the 30th of November 16:00 CET by uploading it in the “Give me the iPod” group within ARIS Community. Please keep in mind the following points:
    • You must upload the complete ARIS Express file by creating a new “ARIS Express model” post.
    • Give your post the title of your model.
    • Add a description to your post.
    • Mention in your post, if your model competes in the "useful" or "funny" category.
    • Monitor the comments, because we might ask you questions about your contest entry if something is missing or unclear.
  3. You are allowed to submit as many ARIS Express models as you want. However, each model should be significantly different. So do not submit the same or slightly altered model again.
  4. Every ARIS Community member is allowed to participate, including employees of IDS Scheer and Software AG. IDS Scheer might ban certain ARIS Community members from the contest to ensure a fair competition.
  5. Submitted models will be removed by ARIS Community staff without further notice if they violate the contest rules or ARIS Community Guidelines. You will be informed by email about the reasons if your model was removed. There is no right to appeal.
  6. ARIS Community members are allowed to vote, who should be the winner for each category (useful, funny). Voting for both categories starts on the 2nd of December 2009 and runs for 4 days.
    • Every ARIS Community member has one vote for each category.
    • As long as the voting is still in progress, it is possible to change the own voting decision.
    • IDS Scheer may cancel the voting if it notices manipulations such as creation of “voting accounts”. In that case, IDS Scheer will select the winner for each category.
    • The entry with most votes wins.
  7. The official winner for each category will be announced on the 7th of December 2009 and contacted by email. If contacting fails or shipment of the price to the winner is not possible (e.g. export restrictions), the price will be given to the participant with the next most votes.
  8. Both winners will receive a white Apple iPod Touch 8GB each.
  9. A single person can only win in one of both categories. If a single person wins in both categories, the next participant with the second most votes wins the price.
  10. There is no right to appeal.
  11. The following shall apply: the ARIS Community Guidelines, the Terms of Use and the Terms and Conditions of ARIS Express.