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As a matter of fact, the number of maturity models available and related to the BPM field is quite high, which makes the decision on the approach to be followed very challenging. In addition, the way of building business process  maturity models has not changed significantly in the last decade, even though the BPM capabilities have become more agile and automated. We -the process management team in Dubai Health Authority-have conducted a detailed and comprehensive review for over 16 systematic researches and white papers that discuss the development of process maturity models and compare between them, we have noticed that the empirical work on the validation of these models are very rare. Commonly, the solid systematic literature and researches in the field of business process maturity proves that the current models are lacking validation when it comes to its ease of implementation

It was vital to develop a framework that shed light on the advanced BPM capabilities in place, specifically the process resilience and agility, empowered with an automated assessment and scoring mechanism. As such, we have developed ARIS-based process maturity framework that includes new domains, criteria, and assessment scale. The DHA process management team is committed to share valuable knowledge to anyone who is interested in this topic. We are open to share our approach and compare the results of process maturity with your organizations.

You can reach us via the following email: yenaal@dha.gov.ae


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