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MashZone 2.1 has another great new feature. It now allows users to set the colors for their graphics themselves in order to, for example, use their corporate identity (CI) colors in MashApps.

There are two ways to do this.

You can add a new, customized color palette to the preinstalled palettes. To do so, you must create an XML file and insert it into $install/assets/colorschemes.

asset folder of MashZone

The content of the file must look as follows:

definition of color palette via XML in MashZone

After creating the file, it should be stored in the following folder:

new color palette stored in MashZone's asset folder

This new color palette is then available in the future for all MashApps and can be selected in the graphic options under Formatting -> Data points.

selection of new color palette in MashZone

The second possibility allows you to extract the color code from the data feed and thus, color graphics directly in a MashApp. Color names or the hex codes are used to do this.

color definition via feed

Then, you can select the customized color codes under Criterion -> Colors.

selecting custom colors

The result could for example, look like this:

a mashapp with a custom color palette

Note: Make sure to also read about the other new features of MashZone 2.1!

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