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New to ARIS Community? 

Start your experience with the first one of our badges.                                                                  

Badge rookie

How can this badge help you? 

With a Rookie badge, your profile on the ARIS Community can be more personalized and you will get a quick overview of our web page. On the other hand, you can find very helpful people just checking their profiles. It is an easy way to connect with other ARIS users. 

Ready to start? 

Let’s see how to gain the Rookie badge

There are at least 4 steps you need to do: 

  • Edit your favorite tags in your profile. 

  • Upload a profile picture.

  • Check out the Forums section and choose your favorite one (click on Add to favorites). 

  •  And like a post.

Rookie bagde 2

What’s next? 

Your new badge will be displayed on your profile next to your name and you can even mark it as your favorite achievement (click the heart icon on the right side of the achievement in your user profile) and it will appear next to your name in your comments and posts. 

My profile

In addition to achievements, you can also collect points for your activity in the ARIS Community. The leaderboard can be found on the right sidebar. And that’s just the beginning. 

Stay tuned...  And do not forget: more badges mean more fun… Or for the ARIS explorers: the more badges, the more experience. 

Zuzana from your ARIS Community team 

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