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Ready for your next step after earning the Rookie badge? Our Supporter badge is here to spread far and wide that you are a true ARIS Community friend.  


How can this badge help you?  

Have you just joined the ARIS Community? Now is the time to get a brief overview of its content - from blog posts to answers to your questions. The Supporter badge will help you with that very well. On the other hand, your support (likes or hearts) encourages other community members, motivates them, and gives positive feedback on how valuable their content is.  

Together we can make this community a better place… for ARIS newbies when they get a relevant answer, for experienced ARIS users when we appreciate their replies, for ARIS experts when they share their knowledge.  

Where to start?  

Start with topics which interest you and give likes ♥ for the most helpful or interesting: 

After liking more than 10 pieces of content you can mark the Supporter badge as your favorite achievement in your user profile and it will appear next to your name in your comments and posts.  

You can not only collect badges, but also points for your activity in the ARIS Community. The leaderboard can be found on the right sidebar. The easiest way to earn first points is subscribing to the ARIS Community newsletter. Can you find it? 

Zuzana from your ARIS Community team 


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