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Once I read that anyone can write a blog, but very few people will write blogs that matter. Here in our ARIS Community, it’s a bit different. Everyone can write a blog post and every blog post matters. Due to your BPM skills and expertise, you can create unique and exclusive content in the ARIS Community forums. And furthermore, you will be rewarded with our Blogger badge. 😊  

Blogger Badge

Are you already interested in blogging, but still hesitating? Start with news about the ARIS products in the ARIS BPM Blog. You can find more inspiration in the Forums section. Read this example from Tech blog, look at this piece of our history or read about the new ARIS Aware dashboard. Need a laugh today? This joke is old but gold. Still not sure about your first post? Think about what was your last discovery in the BPM world and write it down. Also, there is a possibility to post BPM job offering here.  

How can you start writing blog posts in the ARIS Community? 

Follow these 6 steps and you can earn your brand-new badge very easily: 

  • Click New post

  • Enter a name for your blog post. 

  • Choose Write a post. 

  • Select Forum. 

  • Share your thoughts about BPM, latest ideas, impressions, ARIS hints, use cases or whatever you like to share with other ARIS Community members. 

  • Click Publish

I highly recommend publishing your first blog post. Even reading comments could bring innovative ideas and more knowledge. So, blogging is worth trying! I can´t wait to read all the new ARIS Community blog posts. And don’t forget about the rest of our badges. They are waiting for someone to gain them. 😊 

Zuzana from your ARIS Community team 

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