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Our ARIS Community is here to help you with gaining more BPM knowledge and let’s be clear, BPM is no rocket science. But its exploring could feel like rocket flying. And the simplest way to accelerate your learning is to take an exciting journey with our ARIS Community rocket. 

Explorer badge

A space rocket must skillfully control powerful forces to make it through Earth's atmosphere and the propellants give the rocket enough energy to boost away from Earth surface. If you wonder how your ARIS Community rocket can lift off into BPM space, we offer you our Rookie badge - the right fuel for your first steps in the ARIS Community. The next stage is to learn about ARIS and BPM (or to fly around with your rocket) with our Explorer badge. So, take a tour of the ARIS Community and you won’t regret it. 

How does the Explorer badge help you? 

This badge is a starting point for exploring ARIS and if you want to learn more, begin with: 

  • Get Started section and read some useful tips from „How to... “ help pages, 

  • ARIS Basic  and find out why you need to get your ARIS, 

  • Know-How section and learn how to use ARIS, 

  • Events and register to join our useful webinars. 

  • Partners section and explore solutions. 

What else? 

You can also collect points for your activity in the ARIS Community. This badge is worth 10 points, not bad for a start :-). The leaderboard can be found on the right sidebar. And check out all the ARIS Community badges you can earn.  


Enjoy your tour! 

Zuzana from ARIS Community team 

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