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Our pace of life is getting faster, and many people live stressful lives nowadays. But what if we have a tip for you to slow down the pace? A simple exercise :-) Read a post and before moving to another post, stop for a moment and think how useful/helpful/interesting it was. Give some time to your thoughts and if you really find it interesting, give it a like. That’s all.

Does this seem ridiculous? However, it can have a significant impact. We are used to rushing and usually two steps ahead of the present moment. But with this exercise you can train yourself to slow down your rushing thoughts.  

And it could have another effect. Your support encourages other ARIS community members, motivates them and gives positive feedback on how valuable their content is. Together we can make the ARIS Community a better place, more supportive and successful. Furthermore, you will be rewarded with our Motivator badge, one of our ARIS Community achievements

How can you start? 

Give likes ♥ for the most helpful or interesting articles and Know-how content (webinars, Videos, cheat sheet etc.).  You can even give a like to questions when you find them intriguing, brain stimulating or asked in a perfect way. After reading more than 20 interesting posts the Motivator badge is yours. 

Your new badge will be displayed on your profile next to your name and you can mark it as your favorite achievement (click the heart icon on the right side of the achievement in your user profile) and it will appear next to your name in your comments and posts.  

Get started today! 

Zuzana from ARIS Community team

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